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We are
-A certified Automotive Recycler

We are a GOLD SEAL CERTIFIED--which means we have the highest standards of operation.

We belong to FADRA the (Florida Auto Dismantlers & Recyclers Association)
Welcome to our History Page...

Well, welcome to our little history area of the web site...

Meet the owner of Rusty Acres, Bob Eubanks -Yep' this is the "big cheese" himself, -of course, leaning on one of his race cars was about the only way to get him to actually pose' for a photo...

Bob, opened Rusty Acres in 1973 on 2-1/2 acres of land with 25' x 25' building, with only two employees (one of them being Bob himself!). With a inventory of about 200 vehicles to sell parts from and scrap out...

 ...In those early days, Bob and staff had no delivery service available to the public and sales were limited to just those over the counter.
 ...In 1984 Rusty Acres began to specialize in Ford, Lincoln and Mercury products only.
 ...In 1986 Rusty Acres began using computers in order to be able to keep track of their own inventory and to be able to locate and sell parts from other yards as well.
 ...In 1988 Bob had a new building built (10,000 sq. ft.)
 ...In 1998 he expanded his dismantling area to help improve quality and inventory control.

 ...Rusty Acres now encompasses 5 acres of ground with over 15,000 sq. ft. of storage (warehouse) and work areas.

 ...14 Employees are now in place to handle the large volume of parts and the inventory of about 600 vehicles.

 ...3 tier storage racks for our holding vehicles (a Bob input).
 ...Computer is connected by EDEN to over 4,000 other yards for locating parts. We have thousands of clean, inventoried, tagged, and bar-coded parts on hand.
(We are likely the only yard in Jacksonville and the surrounding area, that now uses bar-coding.)
 ...Rusty Acres now delivers all over the N. Fla. and S. Ga. area utilizing up to 4 delivery trucks. We also ship across the US as well as ship worldwide.

Want to know where the name Rusty Acres came from? That's the reason on the left -a old friend of Bob's -"Rusty -the Bank"!

You read it right, hard pressed for a name for the new business Bob just turned to his bank. "Rusty" shows the signs of all those years at the yard, but he's still hanging in there with us! Let's see... nearly 30 years multiplied by dog years...

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