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Welcome to our Racing and Performance Area...

Latest Racing News!
The winning streak continues for Bob Eubanks, who clocked his first victory at Road Atlanta on June 6th with a win at the Atlanta Region SCCA National & Double Pro-IT. The horsepower Eubanks demonstrated convinvcingly with a new track record at his last outing (Daytona, May 04) propelled his Mustang to a first place finish in the highly competitive American Sedan Class.

Eubanks completed his 18 circuits of the 2.54 mile road course without incident, posting a fastest lap time of 1:42.80. The win tightens the gap between Eubanks second place standing and front runner Robert Davis. A mere twelve points seperate the two going into the next SEDIV event - the Double Nationals at Robeling Road Raceway, July 3 - 5.

Bob Eubanks, has been involved in the SCCA form of Auto Racing as a driver for many years starting in the 1990 racing season.
1990-1994 American Sedan Club Racing.
 In 1997 -Won the SARRC Championship.
 In 2002 -Second place in the SARRC Championship.

In addition to the auto racing, the folks at Rusty Acres are also into performance automobiles in a big way. From a restored Pantera -to the latest in Ford muscle cars, the staff are automotive enthusiasts to the core!

Watch this area of the site for upcoming auto performance image updates.

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