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Typical Models:

Bronco 11
Club Wagon Thunderbird
F Super Duty
Crown Victoria
Escort Excursion
(incomplete list)

 Whether we have your make or model in stock or not, -you can count on us to find what you need using one of our many locator services options...
Welcome to our Tour Area...
When you walk through our doors -you can expect knowledgeable and informative help for all of your used Ford, Lincoln, Mercury part needs.

At Rusty Acres, (, we pride ourselves on our fast, courteous service and most importantly the quality of all our products.

We hope you enjoy our tour around Rusty Acres Automotive and do not hesitate to call on us -whenever you need FOMOCO parts -we'll be waiting on you!

Our Counter staff is knowledgeable on all the Ford Product lines. Whether you visit by phone or in person, they are ready and have the answers needed in order to serve you right!

The office staff handles all the important "paperwork" that comes along with running a large auto recycle center like Rusty Acres. They are an important part of the entire operation.

Inventory and control, keeping track of all "pulled items" can be a huge task unless you have trained staff to monitor what parts are where and what model of vehicle they go on!

At Rusty Acres, you do not have to get your hands dirty, we pull your parts, clean and inspect every item for you. This assures the correct part and part quality is what you'll receive when buying your parts from us!

Whether your vehicle is a newer model or almost an "antique", we likely have your part in stock and just waiting on you. From hubcaps and small items to full body sections for accident repair -we've got the parts.

Each vehicle upon arrival is inspected using a number of quality checks. The vehicle is then disassembled (Engine, Trans, Tires and Fuel tanks are removed & those items are sent to the warehouse for inventory additions.

The Engine and Transmissions are tested prior to being removed from the vehicle. Once removed, all lines and other openings are sealed to prevent any possible contamination while being stored in our warehouse.

The cleaning process is an important step. Parts to be added to the warehouse inventory are cleaned and again closely inspected prior to being tagged for specific identification requirements and adding to the inventory.

We ship daily via UPS and FedEx as well as via Truck Freight. We ship to all parts of the US, including other dismantlers. We also receive many shipments from our thousands of other Ford dismantlers we work with.

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